Do I need a Pet Boarding License in Hong Kong?

Q1: Who needs to apply for a Boarding Establishment Licence in Hong Kong?

Any person who provides food and accommodation for animals in return for a fee paid by the owner must apply for a Boarding Establishment Licence from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).

Q2: How do I apply for the Licence?

1. Get the application form, the Code of Standards and additional conditions through the following channels: from here ; or 1823 to get them through fax; or
C.visit AFCD’s office.
(Address: 5/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon)

2. Submit the completed application form to AFCD through the following channels:
A.fax to 2311 3731; or
B.mail to AFCD; or
C.submit to AFCD’s office in person.
Please enclose the following when you submit the application form:
- a copy of the sketch plan of the proposed boarding premises; and
- a copy of the applicant’s business registration certificate.

3. An officer of AFCD will process your application in 10 days and make arrangements to inspect your premises.

4. When the requirements are fully met with, and the premises and facilities thereof are considered up to the licensable standard, AFCD will approve your application. After you pay the required licence fee, AFCD will issue the licence. There is no refund for all licence fee paid.

Q3: What is the cost of the Licence?
The licence fee is HK$3,810 per year and is non-refundable.

Q4: What do I need to know about renewal of this Licence?

This Licence must be renewed annually. AFCD will issue and post you a renewal notification at least two months before the licence’s expiry date.
Complete and sign the reply slip section of the notification and post or fax it to AFCD, AFCD will then arrange for the renewal procedures.

Q5: Where can I get more information?

You can contact the Animal Management (Operations) Division at 1823 or browse Boarding Establishment Licence.

Q6: What is the Code of Standards
Excerpt from the Code of Standards that you should observe:

Dog boarding areaCat boarding area
1. Any pen, cage, compartment, hutch or structure used to restrict animals shall: -
-be maintained in good repair;
-be kept dry and clean;
-allow animals to have convenient access to food and water; and
-allow animals to move about freely and to stand, sit or lie comfortably.

2. Any room, building, premises or other places shall: -
be maintained in good repair;
contain adequate supplies of drinkable water and suitable drainage for the escape of excess water;
-have sufficient space for the storage of fresh food and bedding;
-have sufficient fresh air ventilation;
-have ample lighting of good quality.

3. Outdoor area shall provide: -
-sufficient shade to protect animals from direct sunlight;
-adequate shelter to protect animals from unpleasant weather.

4. Standards of rearing and hygiene
-The animals shall be fed at least once daily with wholesome and nutritious food;
-all food and water dishes for the animals shall be readily accessible to the animals;
-the animals shall be supplied with adequate and drinkable water;
-all excreta and other waste matter shall be removed not less than once daily;
the cages, housing facilities and outdoor areas shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and shall contain adequate and dry bedding;
-a programme for the control and destruction of pests and rats shall be maintained;
animals shall not be housed in the same primary enclosure unless they are of the same or a compatible genus;
animals under treatment for a communicable disease shall be kept separate from other animals;
-The licensees should, in accordance with good husbandry, ensure that such boarded animals are not kept in overcrowded conditions;
Licensed boarding premises can only be used for boarding.